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Members enjoy privileges, subsidized programmes and support. Activities and programmes held at the Parkinson Centre are specially designed to address the needs of those with Parkinson, to help them cope with mobility, dexterity, posture, verbal communication as well as cognitive capabilities.

PSS offers yearly membership and Lifetime membership schemes to People with Parkinson and their caregivers, in order to meet the needs of the Parkinson Community.

Types of membership:

  1. Ordinary membership (Below 60 years old): $30 yearly (Calendar Year).
  2. Life membership (Below 60 years old): $200 (One off).
  3. Senior Ordinary Membership (Above 60 years old): $15 (Calendar Year)
  4. Senior Life Membership (Above 60 years old): $150 (One off).
  5. Corporate membership: $1000 (One off).

Download Membership Form Here