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Parkinson Disease affects each person differently and symptoms can vary throughout the day. Keep your body and mind active with these guides - start by scanning the QR codes:

All about Parkinson Disease, Exercises for People with Parkinson, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Pressure Monitoring (Open in PDF (1.3MB)
1. Moving Towards A Brighter Tomorrow

An essential resource that provides comprehensive and current information on Parkinson's Disease and the effective ways in which People with Parkinson and their caregivers can cope with the challenges of the condition.

This latest edition features new chapters on Parkinson and its management strategies, while providing tips on improving balance and preventing falls, and techniques to keep the mind active. It also includes useful information on self-care for caregivers and presents the latest research findings on potential new treatments.

'Moving Towards A Brighter Tomorrow' is available in both English and Mandarin, and can be purchased at the Parkinson Centre.

2. Exercises for People with Parkinson

Parkinson is a long-term neurological condition that causes difficulties in initiation, co-ordination and control of movements such as standing up and walking. Imbalance of falls are also common, and may lead to injuries. As movement becomes difficult, people with Parkinson are prone to become inactive, resulting in declining strength, joint flexibility and fitness levels.

Regular exercise has been shown to delay the progression of Parkinson and stop the vicious cycle of functional decline. In this book, you will find exercises to improve your flexibility, strength, balance, mobility and endurance.